Mobility scooter, wheelchair & cassette recorder hire form

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Some useful information:

The Equipment that can be hired:


  • 2 mobility scooters

  • 3 wheelchairs (1 of which is self propelling)

  • Cassette Recorders 


Collection/ Drop Off Point:


Access Self Storage,

UNIT 9013

134 Ashley Rd

St Albans


The code / access

The code to enter and leave is entered on a keypad to the right of the gate when entering and to the left when leaving. 

Code to enter gate  *98403583#  (starts with a star and ends with a hashtag, please include these when inputting code). This code is always needed (even if gates are open - IMPORTANT do not enter or leave without entering the code)*


*If the code isn't entered it will set off an alarm and there is a charge of £90 which the person loaning will be liable for.


To enter the lock up unit you will need the padlock code 2017 - push the bar down to release it. Please ensure the padlock is locked by shuffling the numbers after closing the padlock.


Mobility Scooter - Important information

Covered for 3rd Party Liability Insurance. Please see separate Insurance Document below.

UK Breakdown Cover included - See Insurance Document below.

Mobility Scooter Instruction Booklet with the scooter


Put your foot on the red lever and unfold until it clicks.

Please leave the key in the ignition 

2 people will be needed to lift the scooter into a car.

The mobility scooter must be covered up if left in a car and locked in. 

If the scooter is left outside unattended in the day it must be padlocked to something and not left out overnight.


Equipment can be loaned out from 1 day to 2 weeks. 


Any questions, please email Maria or call Maria 0208 123 2783 on Wednesdays between 1 - 4pm.

3rd party liability insurance
UK breakdown cover