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Our Trustees
Maxine Ellis

Maxine was diagnosed with ME in 2009 which meant she had to resign from work and became bed bound. She has since seen some improvement. She found it difficult to find support so the idea of setting up a group was born. 

With the help of St Albans CVS and the other volunteer trustees, the aim for a support group became a reality.

Mike Hodge
Chair & Treasurer

Mike has a family member with M.E. so understands it from a different angle. He has run his own business
for 30 years. Now retired, he helps a lot of charities with fundraising and is known as “The Harpenden busker”.

He puts a smile on our faces when he sings and plays his guitar at meetings.

Peter Kelleher

Peter joined us to help raise awareness of the condition and develop the support we offer. 
His mum and sister both suffered from CFS; fortunately both recovered and went on to live full lives. He currently works from home and looks after his adult daughter who has had CFS for the last 10 years, following Lyme disease.

Jenny Baker
Creative & Admininistration

Jenny is the most recent addition to our trustees after initially volunteering for the group. She was diagnosed with ME/CFS in 2017 after many years of living with the condition and brings a level of understanding and experience that comes with having the condition.

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