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Our first meet up in April 2016

Hertfordshire M.E. / CFS Support Group

Our first birthday



The group was formed in February 2016.


The aim of the group is to connect with people, family and carers of people with M.E/CFS/FMS/PVFS. We do this by having monthly meetings, facebook group, newletters, yoga/relaxation classes and the website.


We support each other in a non-judgemental enviroment. The meetings are an informal get together were we can have a chat, cuppa and even cake!

As we know not everyone can get to meetings due to severity of symptoms or it can be difficult to know how you are going to be on the day, but you are most welcome and we all understand the fluctuations in symptoms for some people.

The Group is spent its first year focussed on people from St Albans and District but we have some members from surrounding areas who are welcome. Due to this we are expanding to Hertfordshire from September 2018

We ask for a contribution of £2 at meetings to help with costs.



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The facebook page is very active and is a private group so the only people who can see the posts are the members. To join click here

​​I wanted to start the group as I have M.E myself and was looking for a group. There wasn't one in Hertfordshire so thought..why not! lets have a go. Then my friend Linda who is an OT came on board and Mike who's wife has M.E. So with the support of the trustees, friends an other orgnisations we began.








MIKE HODGE                        TREASURER

PETER KELLEHER                MARKETING           

We are members of Communities First who provide support an advice to volunteers, community groups, organisations and charities.

We are made up of volunteers who kindly give their time and skills. We have posts available please go to "support us" page for more details.

Meetings are always held on the second wednesday of the month usually mid morning. We have used different venues so keep an eye on the homepage for the latest. Currently this is zoom.

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